This was basically introducing us to two of the main characters and giving us a glimpse at their relationship. William Herondale and James (Jem) Carstairs. Jem: “He was bareheaded, which drew the eye immediately to his hair. It was an odd bright silver color, like an untarnished shilling. His eyes were the same silver, and his fine-boned face was angular, the slight curve of his eyes the only clue to his heritage “(Clockwork Angel). It is April 1878 in London. It starts of with Will fighting a Shax demon, killing it, and the proceeding to brag as he tries to find where Jem went. Will finds him with a dead mundane girl. They try to figure out the situation, what was going on and why the shax demon had come after when her real injury appeared to be have been caused by someone/something else. The only clue left to follow is a dagger with a symbol of “Two serpents, each biting the other’s tail, forming a perfect circle.” Will is not backing away from this mysterious death and has decided to investigate further on this.

Southampton, May. We have complete turn to a new character, so we can obviously assume that this girl, Tessa, will somehow come into the lives of those Nephilim. It begins with describing her clockwork angel (hmm I wonder where the title of the story came from) and she had just arrived in London to meet her brother Nathaniel/Nate. She was greeted by a tall man. “Tessa had to fight the urge to cringe away from him. But he knew her name. Who here would know her name except someone who knew Nate, too?” (Who would know your name? I’ll tell you, creepy people that plan on kidnapping you and/or killing you, or robbing and killing you. You can’t just trust random strangers, stranger danger.) “Your brother sent me. Come with me.” (yeah, that’s what creepy kidnappers say to a child to get them to go along, don’t do it). And then she is led to a carriage with two mysterious and creepy women, Mrs. Dark and Mrs. Black, and they’re referred to as the Dark Sisters (nope, no thank you. I’m outta here. Bye. I’m not actually Theresa Gray, I’m uh Theasa Grayvern, yep, sorry, bye). And as she’s in their carriage noticing the details she sees “two snakes biting each other’s tails, forming a circle.” And I realized she had possibly made a huge mistake that would lead to death or being forced or tricked into being on the bad side.

Citation: Clare, Cassandra. Clockwork angel. Waterville, Me.: Thorndike Press, 2011. Print.


Clockwork Angel

So I just finished reading the first book for “The Infernal Devices” and it was a wild roller coaster ride with twist and turns that I had not predicted. I will probably write out the reactions I had as I was reading the book. I had a document that I would type on as I read the books. In the document I would put in what I was thinking, questions, comments, and verbal reactions that don’t have proper spelling, and also quotes that I found interesting or made me gush about one of the characters. I feel weird actually having finished it. I will probably finish my posts on this book before I go back to “The Mortal Instruments” and begin reading “The City Of Fallen Angels.”