Easy Baking

This one it quite simple and quick. There were a lot of people in what appeared to be a big warehouse. There were a few tables and some bigger furniture, I guess, that some people were sitting atop of. To get to the point, we were basically having an easy bake oven-off. We all had our easy bake oven recipe, I’m pretty sure we were all using the same recipe. Everyone had the necessary materials and somehow someone signaled for us to begin. Everyone seemed to be going fast, at which point I got nervous and started freaking out like the kids on those cooking shows when they only have 30 seconds left. I was taking my little measuring spoon half ahhhh-screaming and half telling myself instructions. I remember telling myself “aaaaahhh pour in the water, get the water, there we go. ahhhh hurry up.” I felt that everyone was going really fast and it made me nervous and very stressed. I realized that I felt as though it was a competition because I kept thinking that mine had to be the best and my desert was going to be so much better than the other people at my table. A dilemma that I noticed after slowing down and continuing to work on my recipe at a more calm pace was that there appeared to be only one easy bake oven and I thought to myself “How they heck are we all supposed to bake our treats with only one oven.” After that there was like a hole in my dream because the next thing I remember is all of us sitting on top of the tables (and there were like a few cabinets) and we were listening to music. I don’t know if there was a dance battle of something but I remember one kid having to come up and dance.

That was basically it. We had a easy bake off and then a dance battle; just your normal average dreams, right?!




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