So, to start off, this might be one of the most random pages sometimes because my mind tends to wander and my imagination can take me places that confuse me or make me wonder if I got enough sleep at night. I usually don’t. I guess after probably being a bit sleep deprived my body tries to help me stay awake and I’ll be bubbly for some time during the day.

I started this because my friend recently started a blog talking about Shadowhunters and suggested that I start my own blog. I thought to myself, ‘why not’ and now here I am, two weeks after having made the blog, I shall post my first post.

I’m hoping to write as frequently as possible. This is mostly going to be like a journal for me to write all these random things. I’m not really trying to become like famous or get a lot of followers but I shall put it on the internet for the entertainment for anyone that may be passing by and read it. Also, to put a disclaimer out there my grammar isn’t perfect, especially when I’m writing random stories so don’t expect perfect punctuation and spelling, especially when I change things to convey how I might say them to be dramatic.


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